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No matter what your event is, we promise it will be spectacular. We will make the perfect package that fits you and your event. Call for a quote or to schedule a consultation.


Our furniture collection includes a beautiful blue velvet couch Sinatra to our matching Bonnie and Clyde sweetheart chairs. We have an many beautiful pieces to match the theme of your event from boho to classic, we will find you the perfect piece that will make a statement at your event.

Bar Service Details

We have every bar detail you need for your event. From the bar to the wine glasses. We set it up to get the party started.

Photobooth & Photobooth Details

A photobooth is the so much fun at any event. Let us set up one up for you with everything you need. From the props to the chairs, we have the right photobooth to fit your theme.

We added 3 photobooths to our inventory. We have the traditional booth style that will print 4x6 photos, a vintage tripod camera that has been converted into a photobooth that has the vintage look but does the modern thing, and a modern one that takes photos and creates GIFs as well and is SMS or email only. 

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